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In the interim, implementation of the National Banana Policy and strategic reforms over the next three years will ensure that the Banana Board will be more relevant to the current environment than that which existed in 1953. The vision of the Banana Board embodies that of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MOAF) and the stakeholders of the banana and plantain industry, as reiterated in the draft National Banana Policy. In 2030, the industry’s vision is for a vibrant industry dominated by internationally certified farms; effective market penetration and development; and supported by an enabling policy framework which results in sustained product competitiveness; financially viable farms and the socio-economic wellbeing of communities.

The strategies and programmes for achieving the goals of the 2030 vision for the industry were included in the application for future support from the EU Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM). The implementation of these programmes will further develop the value chain for the banana and plantain sub-sectors and foster economic growth, sustainable rural development in conjunction with improving the human capital of rural citizens. Regulation and technical innovations and support by the Board will facilitate will implement and certify best practice while mitigating diseases and disasters. The Banana Board believes that Jamaican bananas and plantain can:

· successfully penetrate regional markets

· be the raw material for a much larger domestic and export market for chips

· be used to develop other commercially viable value added products market, similar to the growing chips trade. (For example the demand for green peeled bananas, porridge and muffin/ banana bread mixes are yet unmet.)

· be incorporated in the Jamaican school feeding programme and other institutional diet programmes.

The Banana Board is most suitably competent and available to lead this national change process and facilitate the private viable commercial enterprises and farmers to embrace the vision.

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