1. Q:        What is the purpose of the Catastrophe Fund?

A:        To provide assistance to commercial banana and plantain growers to facilitate a

quick recovery of farms following a catastrophe

2. Q:        Define a Catastrophe?

A:        Catastrophe is defined as any great and sudden disaster affecting a large number of growers in a given geographical area. The Catastrophe must result in damage of at least 50% of registered cultivation.

3. Q:        Provide more details on the possible types of Catastrophe.

A:        Catastrophe includes mainly weather related damages such as windstorm or flooding but could also be caused by other forms of natural disasters.

4. Q:        How does one measure the effects of a catastrophe?

A:        Farms within a given locale must suffer crop damages of 50% or greater. Damage will be assessed by trained Officers or agents of the Banana Board.

5. Q:        How does one qualify for assistance?

A:        Growers must first possess at least 0.4 hectare (one acre) of banana or plantain in good conditions and having a minimum of 500 mats within this unit area.  He/she must then register with the fund before January 31 of the calendar year that the damage occurs.

6. Q:        Who manages the fund?

A:        The fund is managed by the Banana Board, with direction from the Catastrophe Fund Oversight Committee (CFOC) and guided by theCatastrophe Fund Operations Manual.

7. Q:        Who are the members of the Catastrophe Fund Oversight Committee?

A:        There are total of nine personsand includes representatives of the Banana Board, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF), the All Island Banana Growers Association (AIBGA), and farmers.

8. Q:        What type of compensation do growers receive following a catastrophe?

A:        Compensation is provided for in the form of material inputs, the quantity of which is not fixed but based on the extent of damage, the existing money in the fund and the amount available for allocation.  The CFOC deliberates and makes a specific decision in the case of each catastrophe.

9. Q:        What is the cost for registration?

A:        A registration fee of $2000 and a re-registration fee of $1,500 were charged in 2011. The fee is reviewed annually by the CFOC.

10. Q:        Can a grower register a part of his the banana/plantain cultivation he owns?

A:        No, all contiguous areas where banana or plantains are cultivated must be registered.  Exception may be given to owners of fields that are in separate geographical locations that are spatially identified as such (with coordinates of geographical positioning system) and for which all records are kept separately.

11. Q:        Can a grower make part payment during the registration process?

A:        Yes, however the first payment must be made on or before January 31, with the final balance settled before April 30st.  Payment in full by January 31 will be discounted by 10%.

12. Q:        What are the dates and venues for registration?

A:        The dates and corresponding venues are communicated to growers in the print media, by text messaging, through the AIBGA area councils and direct communication by Officers of the Banana Board.  In addition, growers can register in business hours at the Banana Board’s corporate office, 10 South Avenue Kingston 4 and via the internet This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

13. Q:        Can a grower become excluded from the Fund?

A:        Yes.  Exclusion is possible for the reasons including:

(a) If the registration is not completed by the farmer before April 31st.

(b) Farms have substandard levels of husbandry or production well below the documented commercial standards (Domestic Protocol for Production of Bananas in Jamaica) and audited by the Banana Board.

(c) Farmers who knowingly submit false or misleading information.

(d) Farms or cultivations that have been abandoned.

(e) Farms, cultivations or part not designated for recovery.

(f) Farmers who engage in threats or violent activities to extort financial assets from the Fund.

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