Banana Board Farm Certification Programme

The Banana Board through its farm certification programme has the responsibility to facilitate banana farmers to produce fruits and harvest them according to standards of best practices. The Banana Board farm certification programme has two components:

· GLOBALGAP Certification

· Domestic Certification

GLOBALGAP Certification

GLOBALGAP represents international standards and procedures which were first developed by the “Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group and farmer representatives for the certification of Good Agricultural Practices worldwide or EUREPGAP. These standards were revised and administered for global markets as GLOBALGAP.

GLOBALGAP standards are directed at risk analyses and risk prevention for the purpose of food safety, traceability, worker health and welfare, energy management, environmental pollution and conservation management.

GLOBALGAP certification is a requirement for banana (fresh and processed) exports to overseas markets and farmers positioning themselves for high end markets locally.

GLOBALGAP banana famers are required to satisfy the following conditions:

  • Documentation and records management
  • Specialized training for workers and farmers
  • Adequate welfare facilities for workers
  • Strategic location of signs on farms such as safety/potential hazards, visitor/worker alert signs
  • Produce traceability
  • Farm infrastructure for storage of fertilizer, pesticides and farm produce; and workers’ welfare and safety. Farmers were assisted by the European Union to access the infrastructure illustrated below:


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