Banana Board/ European Union Banana Support Programme Contract

The Government of Jamaica provided budgetary support of JMD 42 million for the 2009 to 2010 fiscal year for the revitalization of the Banana Board. The European Union Banana Support Programme (EUBSP) also provided Euro 317,000 by way of a Technical Service Contract to build capacity in the Banana Board to implement a number of programmes, which were critical to the survival of the Banana Industry. The twelve month contract ensured the continuation of research and extension support services to the banana and plantain farmers.   In December 2010 a second contract of EU Grant of maximum of Euro 650,000 was initiated and is being implemented over 18 months, ending in June 2012.

The overall objective of the EUBSP is to create an enabling environment to encourage investment in both agricultural and non-agricultural enterprises and to reposition the banana industry so it can best exploit opportunities in both international and domestic markets when the European Commission Special Framework of Assistance funding ends. The contract was a global price contract which was valued 317,910 Euros.

The purpose of Banana Board EUBSP contract is to create sustainable and viable rural economies based on banana or plantain production. This is to be achieved by the implementation of programmes that foster rural development and support improvements in banana competitiveness by:

1. The provision of technical and field services to the banana and plantain industry

2. The development of related programmes and systems for the banana and plantain industry that are in keeping with the strategic policy framework for the banana and plantain industry.

The final beneficiaries are 1400 banana and plantain farmers, their 1600 workers, their families and communities in the traditional banana growing parishes of Jamaica: St. Mary, Portland, St. James, St. Catherine, St. Thomas and Clarendon as well as the processors, entrepreneurs and agri-business and Jamaican consumers.

The objective of the grant is to maintain existing capacity and plan for the provision of future technical support to address farmers expressed needs for services and innovation in support of increased productivity and cost efficiency in the production and adding value to bananas and plantain.

The aim is to provide technical support services and innovations to banana and plantain farmers to assist them to meet the requirements for local and new export markets and to improve productivity and cost efficiency. This had become increasingly important due to the cessation of exports to traditional European markets in 2008.

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